Thank You, Joe Tom!

After nearly 30 years with Martin and Wood, our co-founder Joe Tom Wood is retiring. 

Along with Joe Tom’s clients, all of us at Martin and Wood have benefited greatly from the experience, passion, and fun that Joe Tom brought to work every day for his 48-year career in water resources engineering. He has been an invaluable leader and friend. 

We asked Joe Tom to share some of his favorite memories of his time with Martin and Wood. Most of his proudest moments, he said, involved watching staff learn and grow in their careers. He’s especially happy to see more women in water engineering professions today than when he first began his career, he says.

Recalling a recent mentoring period, Joe Tom mentioned helping Cristy Radabaugh prepare for testimony in a case that actually went all the way to trial. This was very rewarding for him in part because of the feedback and compliments he received on her testimony following the trial. 

Joe Tom went on to say that he really enjoyed moments, especially in court, when he was able to use his knowledge and research to successfully represent clients. The most successful outcomes, he said, were when the Martin and Wood team worked together to research every facet of a particular case. 

His best advice as he retires? “Nobody knows it all,” he says. “You have to approach everything as a continual education process.” 

When asked what he’s doing in his free time, Joe Tom says, “I am reading more books for pleasure than I typically do, and I’m not feeling guilty about it.” 

With full hearts and brighter minds, we wish Joe Tom all the best for a long and happy retirement.