We specialize in disciplines ranging from water rights, to surface and groundwater resources, to water quality and groundwater well design, and more.



Water Rights

Water rights engineering in Colorado requires a thorough understanding of the prior-appropriation system, the relationship between groundwater and surface water, and the complex nature of the State requirements and water issues. We work diligently with our clients and their water attorneys to navigate through the complicated system.

Our water rights engineering specialties include:

  • Alternative Transfer Methods

  • Augmentation Plans and Substitute Water Supply Plans

  • Changes of Water Rights

  • Conjunctive Use Projects

  • Drought Management Plans

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Protection and Evaluation of Water Portfolios

  • Rotational Leasing-Fallowing Projects

  • Streamflow Models

  • Supply and Demand Analyses

  • Water Conservation Plans

  • Water Rights Accounting

  • Water Rights Valuations

  • Master Planning

Surface Water

Martin and Wood conducts a wide range of technical analyses of surface water resources for a variety of clients including municipalities and special districts, irrigators and irrigation districts, developers, home and ranch owners, and mining/industrial users.

These analyses are conducted specific to surface water resources or in conjunction with groundwater analyses, since Martin and Wood possesses extensive capabilities in both fields.  This allows us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive evaluation of their water resources.

Our surface water specialties include:

  • Resource Evaluation

  • Water Supply and Integrated Resource Planning

  • Streamflow Studies (Yield and Availability)

  • Water Quality

  • GIS and Historical Use

  • Expert Witness Testimony


No fewer than five differing administrative classifications of groundwater currently exist in Colorado today, and new laws and administrative procedures are continuing to be developed as technical advancements are made and use of groundwater resources expands.  Further, groundwater is often inter-related to the surface water system, resulting in the need to account for the interaction of groundwater and surface waters under a variety of conditions. Martin and Wood has considerable experience statewide with the complex variety of groundwater conditions physically encountered and with the assessment and development of this critical resource.

Specialties include:

  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation

  • Water Well Design and Construction Observation

  • Groundwater Monitoring Studies

  • Drainage and Dewatering

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Designated Basins


Expert Witness

Professionals at Martin and Wood believe that the primary purpose of their expert testimony is to educate the Water Court judge or other trier of fact. We testify most often in the Water Courts of Colorado, and also testify before county planning commissions, boards of county commissioners, county courts, state legislators, in the United States Court of Claims, and in the Federal District Court for Colorado.

Our expert testimony is often related to these topics.

  • New Water Rights and Augmentation Plans

  • Protection of Water Rights (Objections)

  • Hydrogeology

  • Water Quality

  • Drainage and Hydrology