Our Backyard: The Lariat Loop

When the going gets tough at Martin and Wood, we don’t have to look very far to unwind. Near our office building we can access the 40-mile, historic Lariat Loop Byway. It’s a popular scenic drive or bike ride that we like to take advantage of as often as possible.

The Lariat Loop retraces the path of 1920s motorists who traveled the Lariat Trail Scenic Mountain Drive up Lookout Mountain and the Bear Creek Canyon Scenic Mountain Drive. The two loops were part of Denver’s “scenic circles” developed around 1915-1920 to allow residents to enjoy the mountains just outside of Denver.

Lariat Loop Map

Today, the loop still offers stunning views and easy access to iconic landmarks such as Buffalo Bill’s grave. Cyclists will find bike racks along the route so that they can rest and take plenty of photos. In 2016, the 2.4-mile Interstate 70 Bike Path was opened between the Genesee Park and Evergreen Parkway. Prior to the completion of the bike path, cyclists had to brave the shoulder of I-70 to bike through this portion of the Lariat Loop. The bike path also offers a great spot for viewing Buffalo in the Buffalo Herd Nature preserve, which is maintained by the County of Denver and is located adjacent to a portion of the bike path.