Bluff Lake: An Urban Wildlife Refuge

Martin and Wood has the unique opportunity to work with Bluff Lake Nature Center, a nonprofit agency that owns and manages an urban wildlife refuge and outdoor classroom in Denver. The refuge is home to an abundance of animals and native flora, and it showcases a variety of habitats.

Each year, nearly 5,000 local school students visit Bluff Lake as part of its mission to foster environmental education and stewardship. Martin and Wood became aware of the Nature Center and its need for a reliable water supply. The Center includes Bluff Lake, a shallow 8-acre body of water. Bluff Lake’s water supply derives chiefly from two storm water drainage outfalls, and, as such, is intermittent. Since 2014, Martin and Wood has offered our expertise pro bono to ensure that the center remains preserved for generations to come.

“What strikes us about Bluff Lake is the sense of a peaceful island along Sand Creek,” says Joe Tom Wood, president and principal engineer for Martin and Wood. “It’s a sanctuary both to human beings and to wildlife in a busy area of new houses and industry.”  Getting involved and helping the center made for an easy decision, Wood says.