Thoughtful, enduring, high-quality solutions
to complex water problems


Whether your challenge is protecting, acquiring or changing water rights, building high-capacity wells or solving surface or groundwater issues, Martin and Wood has been at the forefront of water resource analyses and planning in the Western United States. Throughout our 25+ year history, we’ve acquired extensive knowledge of the river basins in Colorado.



We are water engineers and hydrogeologists specializing in disciplines ranging from water rights, to surface and groundwater resources, to groundwater well design, and more.



Water Rights

We specialize in water rights and the relationship between groundwater, surface water, and the complex nature of both the State requirements and water issues. More>

Surface Water

We conduct analyses of surface water resources for municipalities, special districts, irrigators, developers, home and ranch owners, and mining/industrial users. More>


Our engineers and hydro-geologists have considerable experience with complex groundwater conditions and in assessing and developing this critical resource. More >


Expert Witness

We believe that the primary purpose of expert testimony is to educate. We're teachers. Our job is to advise clients, judges and attorneys for the best possible outcome. More >


We’re a small engineering firm in Colorado with an unwavering commitment to quality.