Martin and Wood worked as the water rights engineer for the City of Englewood on its objection to a change of water rights applied for in Case No. 02CW403, Division 1 by Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company (FRICO), Burlington Ditch, Reservoir & Land Company (Burlington), Henrylyn Irrigation District (Henrylyn), United Water & Sanitation District (United), and East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District (ECCV). The below presentations provide information on this landmark case. Click here for more information on Martin and Wood's involvement in the case or contact Joe Tom Wood at the Martin and Wood office.


Presentations from Colorado Bar Association lunch seminar on February 9, 2012.

Presented by Joe Tom Wood and Kate (Griffin) Young.


Expansion of Use Issues from the FRICO Case

Excerpts from Trial Exhibit EN610: Supporting Documents [large file over 10 MB]

Summary Slides


Presentations from Katherine Griffin's testimony in Case No. 02CW403

Presented side-by-side at trial using dual screen projectors. Each file is over 10 MB.


Case No. 02CW403: Change of Burlington Barr Lake and FRICO Barr Lake Shares

Case No. 02CW403: Supporting Documents


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